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What is sorority recruitment?
Sorority recruitment is a formal process for prospective members to meet women of sorority chapters at the campus and vice versa.  This is the time to learn about the values, traditions, and programming of the individual sororities.  Recruitment is a mutual selection process that takes place over a period of several days.  Recruitment differs on every campus.  Traditionally, colleges conduct formal recruitment in the fall, as is UNLV and UNR.

How will sorority membership change my collegiate experience?
All sororities were created with the desire for sisterhood, leadership, achievement, and philanthropy, in the pursuit of higher education.  Among the many benefits each organization may offer you a home away from home, give you an opportunity to develop leadership skills, and lifetime of friendship throughout the country and abroad.

What the sorority myths?
Sorority girls are party girls – Yes, social activities are usually included in sorority programming but overall sorority involvement gives a well rounded approach to community services, university support, academics, and leadership.

I am just buying my friends – Membership dues vary by chapter and campus but you are investing in YOUR future, not your friends.  Chapters run similar to small business which enable you to balance budgets with your dues, lead a group of women with similar interest, and encourage each other to succeed.

How can SNAP help me with sorority recruitment?
SNAP is here to guide you through sorority recruitment by providing references and recommendations, answer questions regarding all the organizations, and

How do I register for recruitment?
The registration process varies from campus to campus.  College orientation is a good time to ask about sorority recruitment.  If your campus does not sent information out to you directly during the summer, reach out to your college’s student affairs, greek affairs, or panhellenic office.  Many colleges now offer registration via the internet.

UNLV – http://www.unlvphc.com/

UNR – http://www.unr.edu/greek-life

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